TASK: To Experiment and Implement with Different Types of Encoding to deal with Categorical Data

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In this blog we will explore and implement:

  • Python’s category_encoding library
  • Sklearn Preprocessing
  • Python’s get_dummies

What is Categorical data

Why do we need Encoding?

  • Most of the Machine learning algorithms can not handle categorical variables unless we convert them to numerical values.
  • Many algorithm’s performances even vary based upon how the Categorical variables are encoded.

Categorical variables can be divided into two categories:

  • Nominal (No particular order)
  • Ordinal (some ordered)

How To Implement Feature Selection From Scratch In Python

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What is Feature Selection?

How to group data by time intervals in Python Pandas

What is Time-Series Data:

What analysis do we need for Time-series Data?

How Can We Do this?


A Complete Beginners Guide to Natural Language Processing Gutenberg Project

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Doing EDA of the whole dataset in one shot. Super Easy! Don’t believe it, do it for yourself!!

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About Pandas Profiling:

About Pandas Profiling:

A quick and step-by-step beginners project to create an animation bar graph for an amazing Covid dataset.

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About the problem

About Dataset

Having Troubling Implementing Docker? Here is the most straightforward guide!

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What is a Moment in Statistics?

Moments in statistics:

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Seaborn’s Coolness:

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